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Alliance Offers tutors with specialized training to help students who have alternative learning profiles. Our Tutors are experienced in tutoring to the most difficult cases.
Alliance Tutoring Offers Tutors who Specialize in Students who have ADD or ADHD:
Anxiety and Lost Souls
Alliance Tutors have Specialized Training in Anxiety Tutoring. Alliance Tutoring Specializes in Kids who we Lovingly Term “Lost Souls”.
Learning Differences
Alliance Tutoring Offers the Specialized Tutoring for Students with Learning Differences:
Executive Function
Help Your Child Succeed with an Executive Function Coach
2E Learners
Alliance Tutoring is Uniquely Equipped to Tutor Advanced Students:
Our college age son, who has had some unique challenges, has been working with Alliance for over a year. It's not an understatement to say that Alliance's support has been fundamental to our son's success. They are great at zeroing in on what specific support our son needs right now, but they also see the bigger picture. They are far more than just tutors (although they are fabulous tutors). They have proven to be caring mentors who have a true passion for really connecting with students. It's obvious that they want to do the very best job possible, and they exhaust all options to do so. Alliance Tutoring has been an outstanding partner in our son's college journey so far, and we're so grateful to have found them.
Cindy Sharper – Mother of David Sharper-Fairfield Class of 2022


Alliance Tutoring offers academic tutoring and coaching for students with Anxiety and its related conditions, ASD, learning differences and ADHD:


Shorter in attention span and quicker to frustration, these students often struggle in traditional classroom structures. Alliance offers individualized instruction with experienced educators in a one-on-one format in home, in person, or online with the flexibility to assist students with these substantial challenges.

Learning Differences

Learning differences such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, or an auditory and visual processing disorder affect 20% of children today. Alliance’s individualized instruction with educators experienced in customizing teaching to suit different profiles can be extremely helpful in supporting a child’s needs.


Anxiety and its related conditions, such as perfectionism and OCD, frequently offer challenges for students in the classroom. Alliance tutors can help support the anxious student through exposure therapy, in conjunction with The Anxiety Institute, in addition to providing expert tutoring instruction.
*Scholarships available on sliding scale based on demonstrated need.

When you sign up with Alliance Plus, you don’t just get a tutor. You get a mentor, an expert, a guide, and a brother or a sister.

You get family.