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A college environment offers many challenges to students in balancing academic, athletic, extra-curricular, and social worlds, often necessitating skills that are brand new to them. This can be a perfect storm for many young adults. It is no wonder that the attrition rate for freshman year averages 33% in American colleges! Alliance seeks to mitigate this problem by assisting students who are overwhelmed with homework, stressed out, disorganized, and behind in their courses. They can also help provide coaching and strategizing on course registration, relationships with professors, and utilizing college accommodation services. In sum, they provide holistic support to college students when they need it most.

Scouting Professors & Course Selection:

Our program begins in selecting the right courses and professors and strategically utilizing the drop/add period to produce an optimal course load and schedule. Often the same course taught by a different professor can lead to an entirely different outcome and experience. These are typically new skills to young students by critical ones.

Planning and Organization

A syllabus generally holds the keys to the course by revealing the various assignments, course texts, and due dates, which can immediately be entered into an organizational calendar, and the tasks can be initiated right away. Establishing, initiating, and pursuing this plan is the key to college academic success. They also reveal the personality of the professor and provide clues as to how to succeed in the class philosophically but are often overlooked.

Developing Relationships

A simple note of introduction to a professor, as well as basic attempts to reach out in email or in office hours convert the students from numbers to human beings in the professor’s eyes. Finding and utilizing study groups can also make preparation for assessments far more manageable. Our coaches work with the students to make these efforts that make all the difference.

College Adjustment Services

When you sign up with Alliance Plus, you don’t just get a tutor. You get a mentor, an expert, a guide, and a brother or a sister.

You get family.